Colt Weston is a singer-songwriter based out of Pensacola, Florida. His music has traces of blues, country, folk and singer-songwriter no doubt influenced by the musical legends he credits for his playing and writing style. Colt cites Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Chris Knight, and Jason Isbell as his leading influences on guitar playing and songwriting. Colt retired from active duty military (USAF) in 2008 after spending over two decades traveling the world and meeting people from all walks of life. His writing is a reflection of his love for God and the people and places he has been blessed to meet on life's journey.

Colt's first studio album, “All Over the Map” was released in 2019 with nine original songs and one cover written over the course of several years. His follow-on project, "The Roadhouse Hymnals" will be released in early 2020. Colt's songs are lyrically rich in their ability to paint stories familiar to us all. His stories are our own, some happy, some sad, each uniquely familiar in their ability to poignantly capture everyday life for everyday people. Colt's time spent traveling the world has taught him we all have a story to tell and his ability to quietly observe the world around him and capture it succinctly in verse make his songs both refreshing while all the while familiar and as comfortable as our own living room. (Colt)


Colt Weston grew up in rural Georgia in the late 70s and 80s, a period often associated with a decline in the quality of music and the rise of the "one hit wonder," but Colt disagrees.  There was plenty of great music during that time-period.  He spent those days traveling along the dirt roads of Georgia leaving echoes of ZZ Top, Skynard, Waylon, Strait, or Dire Straits trailing out of his old Ford pickup to linger with the settling dust from the red Georgia clay.  He eventually left those Georgia backroads to join the United States Air Force where he immediately picked up a guitar and started to learn how to play the sounds of his youth. 

He spent the next 22 years in the Air Force traveling the world with that guitar, always watching, observing, and internalizing what he saw.  One thing became clear to Colt, at our core, we're all the same.  We all want the same things from our brief time here on Earth regardless of where we're from.  And we ALL have a story to tell.  Colt began to put those observations into song and even spent his GI bill on songwriting courses at Berklee School of Music.


What you hear today is the evolution of the kid from Georgia who went out to see the world.  He saw it and found himself along the way.  If you listen closely to his songs you'll discover he probably found a bit of you too!  His songs are stories.  They are real and they relate to all of us in this beautiful mess we call life.  Some are happy and some sad.  Sometimes the bad guys win.  He’ll have you rooting for the heroes and challenging the villains and maybe even questioning which is which. 

His songs deviate from the spoon-fed lyrics contemporary music has come to rely on.  Colt thinks his listeners are smarter than what’s currently thrust upon them.  You'll hear the musical influences of his youth in his music, the outlaw in Waylon, the gentleman in Strait, and the blistering riffs from some of his guitar heroes like Knopfler, Clapton or Allman.   It's all in there along with a healthy dose of Colt Weston.

Colt admittedly got a late start in music.  While his peers were out touring, networking, and developing their sound, Colt was working for Uncle Sam in Europe, Korea, Afghanistan, Turkey, Panama and a dozen other places nobody cares about.  He’s okay with that.  He believes he’s right where God wants him and the time spent traveling the world with the military and the good folks he encountered along the way made him the songwriter he is today. 


In 2019 at the age of 50, Colt released his first album, “All Over the Map.”  He recently performed at 3rd Street Songwriter Festival in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is looking forward to traveling to other festivals throughout the year.  Although he knows his writing, playing, and overall approach to songwriting will evolve, he thinks this initial album is the perfect illustration of a man getting in touch with his inner songwriter and finding his voice.  You’ll hear traces of all the influences of his youth clearly on display and the fact that it can’t be pinned to a single genre is something he’s rather proud of.  He shuns the notion that artist need to put constraints or labels on their sound.  His listeners certainly don’t care; they are smarter than that.

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