If Contemporary Christian music had a crazy uncle who kept everyone on edge for fear of what he might say, it would look a lot like my latest album, "The Roadhouse Hymnals."  On the surface this will look and feel a lot like a blues album with a dash of singer-songwriter and roots-rock country thrown in for good measure.  However, if the listener can peer beyond the sultry slide guitar and melodic blues riffs being coaxed from an old Les Paul or Stratocaster, there is no mistaking my declaration of faith through lyrics rich in storytelling.  "The Roadhouse Hymnals" finds a cast of characters living out life in a broken world full of homelessness, alcoholism, suicide, abuse and abandonment. It's all in there, but so is the forgiveness, trust, redemption, faith, hope, and most of all, love of God.


It's very unlikely you'll hear these songs pouring out of the family mini-van on Sunday morning, but I firmly believe there are a lot of people who haven't quite reached that point in their faith yet, but still yearn to know more about their God.  I target the listener who needs to see and hear about God at work in THEIR lives...the messy, unfiltered, mundane, sometimes tragic but beautiful everyday lives.  My hope is the listeners will hear themselves or their story in these songs and come to know God's love in each refrain. 

I returned to Greer Castle Recording Room in Greer, SC to have Nick Brown back behind the console using Robert Heeke and Big Jim Brown of Pensacola, Florida to once again put the pulse behind the rhythm section. Sean Peterson and Pensacola Audio Documentation took care of all mastering needs.  All songs were written, composed and copyrighted by Colt Weston.  I hope you enjoy the album! *House of the Rising Sun (Son) is public domain, however the lyrics to this rendition are written by Colt Weston and copyrighted work.

"All Over the Map" is the debut album by Colt Weston.   It would be easy to simply say these are a collection of songs that are Americana, but that would not do justice to the rock, blues, country, folk, and every other sub-category that has shaped the sound I have cultivated over the last couple decades of playing and writing.  With influences ranging from Knopfler, Clapton, Waylon or even the newer generation of songwriters like Isbell and Simpson...they're all in there.  I hope somewhere along the way I  developed a sound and style that is uniquely my own.    I hope you enjoy the album.  All songs written, composed, and copyrighted by Colt Weston

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